DEC Products

DEC Products - Including DEC harddrive, system board, scsi controller, memory, pcrm card, network card, modem, tape drive, power supply, power filter, power controller, cpu, fan assembly, adapter, cables, cartridge, netraid, raid, server, optical drives (cdrw), network cards, feature board, I/O modules, hub, multiplexer, fibre channel harddrives. Our DEC products are available in New and Used condition. Our DEC Product Line also includes mainframe equipment, workstations, graphics modules, server parts, internal and external autoloaders, dat drives, server power supplies, server motherboards, server array controllers, hotswap harddrives, dlt drives, server memory, and DEC server processors.

RRD46-AA DEC Alpha Server VAX 12X SCSI CDROM Drive
Regular price: $199.99
Sale price: $159.99
DEC B3005-DA 466Mhz CPU 36-46665-14
Regular price: $151.99
Sale price: $134.99
DEC BN37A-0E Shielded male to male SCSI Cable 36-24502-B01
Regular price: $61.99
Sale price: $51.99
DEC 900TM DecReapter 32 Port Hub DETMM-M
Regular price: $209.99
Sale price: $164.99