Tape Drive Products

Tape Drive Products Including OEM's such as Apple/Macintosh, HP (Hewlett Packard), Sun, DEC (Digital Equipment Corp), Silicon Graphics, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Sony. Also Including Tape Drive Manufacturers such as Conner, Seagate, Exabyte, Iomega, Quantum, Storedge, StorageWorks, StorageTek, Powervault, Overland Data Express, Mitel, Syquest, Gateway, Aiwa, Travan, Scorpion, Ecrix, Colorado, Ditto, Atari, Tandberg Data, Archive, Certance, Cybernetics, Western Digital, Samsung, Hornet, Central Dynamics, Superloader. The Tape Drive Products come in the following Configurations: IDE, SCSI, Ultra-wide, SCA, Fibre Channel, 38Pin, 50Pin, 68Pin, 80Pin, DLT, DAT, Internal, External, DDS, DDS1, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4, SAS, SATA, USB, Ultrium, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, Full Height, Half Height, AIT, DLT1, DLT2, DLT3, DLT4, VS80, SDLT, Autoloader, DLT4000, DLT7000, DLT8000, DAT72, 2mm, 4mm, 8mm, Parrallel, Serial, USB, and others.

Sony SDT-11000 20/40GB DDS4 Tape Drive
Regular price: $169.99
Sale price: $129.99
Compaq HP 218576-001 SCSI Tape Drive 3R-A2049-AA
Regular price: $299.99
Sale price: $239.99
DEC TK70 SCSI Tape Drive 36-28698-02
Regular price: $359.99
Sale price: $289.99
WangDat Tecmar 3400DX Internal DAT Tape Drive
Regular price: $219.99
Sale price: $169.99
Sony SDX-700C AIT Tape Drive
Regular price: $209.99
Sale price: $179.99
HP C5683-00150 Tape Drive C5683
Regular price: $159.99
Sale price: $139.99
IBM 49Y9882 Tape Drive 49Y9881
Regular price: $239.99
Sale price: $199.99
DEC Compaq DS-AIT35-VW 388506-B21 SSB Tape Drive
Regular price: $309.99
Sale price: $289.99